Our company provides fast and proficient lock and door services in Bethesda, Md, , Va. We are completely insured and dedicated to provide the best Locksmith and Door services. There is no denying that one always wants to keep their residential home comforting and protected.

The most important thing that determines the safety and security of your residential property is the presence of a modern and robust lock and door system. However, there are several occasions that can hamper the security of your home and those that reside there. This is where MacArthur Locks and Door services come in handy for you. We are renowned Locksmith and Door technicians who provide you with the best services.

Did you just move into a new home and want to replace the already existing locks? Are you locked outside of your home without a spare key? If you answered yes to the above questions then you’ve surely come to the right place. We provide instant solutions to all your residential lock and door problems. We are Bethesda, Md Locksmiths and Door technicians who have ample experience in installing, removing, repairing, re-keying and maintaining lock and door systems in a residential setup. We offer services such as lock rekey, sliding door lock installation, garage door lock repairs and home lockouts.

We have a team of professional technicians that have years of experience. The specialty of our Locksmith technicians is that they are equipped not just to handle basic tasks related to locks and doors but that they have ample knowledge related to home security and safety. No matter how robust or technical the services may be we provide our customers with affordable pricing. 

So if you are looking for a locksmith in Bethesda, Md, contact MacArthur Locks and Doors. Your one-stop destination to all residential lock and door services.


Locks Change

Whether you're buying a house, changing tenants, or just need to take control of who has keys, we can take care of you in no time.


When a lock is rekeyed, the mechanical locking mechanism is changed to ensure that previous keys will no longer work to open the lock. The lock is then reset to open with a completely different key.

High Security Locks 

the locks are sent to authorized locksmiths without any pins. These are added later on when they are sold and the corresponding keys are cut.

Electronic Locks

Technology is a great convenience Electronic locks, or smart locks are a business owner’s best friend on those days.


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